Sunday, 19 June 2011

Current hunt gifts at [hate this]

MENstuff 2
I'd like to give you an overview of the hunt gifts currently available at [hate this]. We're in three hunts right now, and the Skate'n Surf Hunt item should still be around somewhere, too (I'm a lazy kitteh).
For the MENstuff 2 hunt, I made an entire outfit named "urban cowboy". It includes a t-shirt with sculpted sleeves and bottom, a pair of jeans with sculpted cuffs and sculpted boots. Everything is sized for guys, but either modifyable or resize scripted (unscripted versions of everything are included), so it will fit most females, too. As always, if you need help fitting something, don't be shy and contact me inworld! If you don't have a totally crazy shape, I'm sure I'll be able to help!

Dead Dolls Creature Feature
My personal favourite however is my prize for the Dead Dolls Creature Feature! I simply had a blast while making these dragon paw slippers! These are unisex and come with all options needed: resize scripted and unscripted, custom alpha layer and a foot shaper. If I get some feedback on them, I'll gladly make more colours/patterns in the future!
Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt

For the Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt, I tried something rather unusual for me. I made a fashionable, glittery festival mask (no it doesn't have any bling). With this unisex mask, you can be the centre of the galaxy for once, or spread some sunshine, even on a rainy day! As usual, it's fully modify, even if it may not look like it because of the permissions of the resize script inside, and an unscripted version is included as well.

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