Friday 8 June 2012

mesh this!

In store now! The first [hate this] mesh product of hopefully many more to come!

Show your colours or your sympathies with our custom made rigged mesh sweat bands in the national flags of all 16 participants of the Euro 2012 Championship.

Each pack includes 5 male (XS - XL) and 5 female (XXS - L) sizes according to the sizing standard many designers have agreed on. Also included are an alpha layer and a full perm alpha texture.
Each version is available separately, but buying the champion's pack will save you more than 50% and you will be on the save side, no matter what team wins!

To show a little support for my own country, the German version is completely free and also serves as a demo!

Friday 8 July 2011

That country guy...

[hate this] country guy
It was about time I changed my item for the Locker Room. "Country Guy" is a full modern country style outfit for only L$ 99! It includes:

- grungy, patched jeans (with sculpted cuffs, not shown)
- modern western shirt with leather application
- sculpted cowboy boots (3 colour options - light, medium, dark - medium shown)
- sculpted hat
- sculpted neckerchief (tintable)
- sculpted wheat stalk mouthie

All multi-prim attachments come in an unscripted version and one with a removable resizer script. The clothes are included on all clothes layers. All prim attachments are copy & modify, the clothes are copy only.

Taxi to the Locker Room:

Sunday 19 June 2011

[hate this], now with a +

[ht+] stands for [hate this] medical. It's a new sub-branch of [hate this], mostly aimed at roleplayers and anyone else who wants high quality, realistic medical props. Why? Being a roleplayer myself, I noted that there aren't many quality props available in SL and I've started to make my own from scratch. This includes sculpties, textures and poses/animations.
As usual for [hate this] products, the items come in two versions, with or without a modern resizer script (single script per attachment, removable), and everything will be modifyable, too. My products are copyable, but no transfer. For gifting you can either use my new vendors, the marketplace, or contact me inworld.
Also please contact me if you need any help fitting my products!
Please note: my props will not come with any RLV features (but you can add your own scripts if needed), and I am not going to make any blood and gore (there's plenty of quality stuff available elsewhere).

[ht+] ankle braces
The first two [ht+] products are out and on SALE for a limited time, too! 
I made these ankle braces after one I had to use in RL for about 2 years after a skateboarding accident. I had not seend anything like them in SL before. A brace for each ankle is included and they are tintable. Fitting them to shoes requires some editing skills, but it is possible. Sneakers work best, and in RL, you couldn't wear them with much else either. A small animation will keep your ankle in place, and if your AO overrides the pose, you just have to click the brace to restart it.

[ht+] nose splint
The second [ht+] product is this nose splint.
Sometimes, a tiny band-aid over your nose is just not enough! No matter if you lost a fight, couldn't pull off that trick on your skateboard or are just out for sympathy! This nose splint will cover any nasty bruises while you heal, or at least look properly banged up.
(P.S.: no one was actually hurt while taking these pictures)

Current hunt gifts at [hate this]

MENstuff 2
I'd like to give you an overview of the hunt gifts currently available at [hate this]. We're in three hunts right now, and the Skate'n Surf Hunt item should still be around somewhere, too (I'm a lazy kitteh).
For the MENstuff 2 hunt, I made an entire outfit named "urban cowboy". It includes a t-shirt with sculpted sleeves and bottom, a pair of jeans with sculpted cuffs and sculpted boots. Everything is sized for guys, but either modifyable or resize scripted (unscripted versions of everything are included), so it will fit most females, too. As always, if you need help fitting something, don't be shy and contact me inworld! If you don't have a totally crazy shape, I'm sure I'll be able to help!

Dead Dolls Creature Feature
My personal favourite however is my prize for the Dead Dolls Creature Feature! I simply had a blast while making these dragon paw slippers! These are unisex and come with all options needed: resize scripted and unscripted, custom alpha layer and a foot shaper. If I get some feedback on them, I'll gladly make more colours/patterns in the future!
Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt

For the Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt, I tried something rather unusual for me. I made a fashionable, glittery festival mask (no it doesn't have any bling). With this unisex mask, you can be the centre of the galaxy for once, or spread some sunshine, even on a rainy day! As usual, it's fully modify, even if it may not look like it because of the permissions of the resize script inside, and an unscripted version is included as well.

Saturday 5 February 2011

Cats in the Locker Room and other curiosities

Hiya friends & minions!

    This update may have a silly name, but it is packed with great deals for you!
    First of all, I would like to introduce you to the Locker Room. Like the Dressing Room for girls, the Locker Room offers awesome bargains (between L$ 40 and L$ 70) from awesome designers for a limited time, but for guys! A lot of items will be unisex, so guys, bring your good wiveys and girlfriends along! Also make sure to join their group, the items will be changed about every two weeks!
Tonight at 12 pm SLT is the grand opening of the Locker Room, you will find a LM giver to the party at the mainstore!

✪ [hate this] @ The Locker Room

[hate this] @ The Locker Room (Week 1 - 2)
    Another new sales event is "It's on Sale". Participating stores will slash down the price of one or more select items to 50% or more for one week. You will find all the info you need on their blog:

It's On Sale (Feb 7th - Feb 13th)

 [hate this] will be participating in next week's Monday Mania, too!
Monday Mania - Week #40

The Dark Katz Hunt 3 (Feb 5th - Mar 5th) started today, too!
Hint: "Bad Katz have to sit in the corner!"

✪ official hint blog:

[hate this] Dark Katz Hunt 3 gift (Feb 5th - Mar 5th)

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Rawr! Skulls

This is the title of a coproduction with Sour Pickles. I made a full outfit, consisting of a tweaked version of the new chunky knit sweaters/dresses (with piercing rings on the bottom and small skulls on the pull strings), a pair of ripped jeans (both in low and normal rise and with sculpted flares) and a pair of trainers.
Xandra Bressig of Sour Pickles made corresponding jewellery, consisting of a ring and a pair of earrings.

This is a limited offer during the month of Feburary!

[hate this] & Sour Pickles -  rawr skulls