Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Last minute... not so XMas!


I have to admit, I don't like Christmas. Not at all.
Still I hope, everyone of you has a great time during the holidays!

I wasn't in the mood to decorate the shop or make loads of christmas goodies, but as a kind of (weak) protest... I made a Christmas themed beachwear outfit. For all those of you who can spend Christmas on the beach, and of course for all those who just wish they could (like me).
"Santa Paws" is a full outfit, including hat, shirt, shorts and flip flops. Of course there is a male and female version. And the best thing is, it is FREE for all my faithful minions (group members, that is) and a mere L$10 for everyone else (joining the group is free, so it is up to you).

And while I am at it... I think I forgot to mention that I made 2 pairs of jeans a while ago. They're both a bit worn and grungey, look great on girls and guys and available in a light and dark version.