Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to the... err... shirts!

Back to a few classic t-shirts after a long while. I used one to refill the Midnight Mania boards, the others are available in the shop!

Now that Halloween is gone, I also replaced the Halloween dollarbies with an unisex sculpted and scripted scarf, matching our winter colours.

The shirts again reflect my geekier side of humour. "document it?" is a must have for all scripters or wannabe scripters! "personally" and "wanderer" are just cool wearable statements. "i hate i love" sticks a bit out of the others and was just born by the plain fact that I personally experienced the 80s, survived them and feel a little odd about the upcoming 80s revival. Yes, I AM that old. Thanks for reminding me!

[ht] t-shirt - document it? FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - document it? MALE

[ht] t-shirt - i hate i love FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - i hate i love MALE

[ht] t-shirt - personally FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - personally MALE

[ht] MM t-shirt - wanderer FEMALE

[ht] MM t-shirt - wanderer MALE

[ht] winter dollarbie - wollen scarf