Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Last minute... not so XMas!


I have to admit, I don't like Christmas. Not at all.
Still I hope, everyone of you has a great time during the holidays!

I wasn't in the mood to decorate the shop or make loads of christmas goodies, but as a kind of (weak) protest... I made a Christmas themed beachwear outfit. For all those of you who can spend Christmas on the beach, and of course for all those who just wish they could (like me).
"Santa Paws" is a full outfit, including hat, shirt, shorts and flip flops. Of course there is a male and female version. And the best thing is, it is FREE for all my faithful minions (group members, that is) and a mere L$10 for everyone else (joining the group is free, so it is up to you).

And while I am at it... I think I forgot to mention that I made 2 pairs of jeans a while ago. They're both a bit worn and grungey, look great on girls and guys and available in a light and dark version.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to the... err... shirts!

Back to a few classic t-shirts after a long while. I used one to refill the Midnight Mania boards, the others are available in the shop!

Now that Halloween is gone, I also replaced the Halloween dollarbies with an unisex sculpted and scripted scarf, matching our winter colours.

The shirts again reflect my geekier side of humour. "document it?" is a must have for all scripters or wannabe scripters! "personally" and "wanderer" are just cool wearable statements. "i hate i love" sticks a bit out of the others and was just born by the plain fact that I personally experienced the 80s, survived them and feel a little odd about the upcoming 80s revival. Yes, I AM that old. Thanks for reminding me!

[ht] t-shirt - document it? FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - document it? MALE

[ht] t-shirt - i hate i love FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - i hate i love MALE

[ht] t-shirt - personally FEMALE

[ht] t-shirt - personally MALE

[ht] MM t-shirt - wanderer FEMALE

[ht] MM t-shirt - wanderer MALE

[ht] winter dollarbie - wollen scarf

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New Undies

Here's our latest release: men's undies in playful colours and retro-style toy patterns, available in a pack of four.

[ht] basics - boy's undies

Saturday, 17 October 2009

This weeks newnesses!

Hiya everyone!

This post is a bit longer as usual. I've had a few very busy days and there's lots to tell you!

Tonight started a cooperative treasure hunt of Cilian'gel and [hate this]. Four original outfits, designed exclusively for the hunt, are hidden at Cilian'gel's mainstore in Valefar. Cilia Shepherd, the owner of Cilian'gel, and I made each a female and male/unisex outfit. Hunt for FREE pumpkins at Valefar!

After all the boxers I did, I thought it was about time to offer something different. Here are a few simple undies for you guys. They're snug and tight. The first series is made of black and white silks, available in assorted packs of two.

[hate this] basics - black & white undies animal

[hate this] basics - black & white undies dots

[hate this] basics - black & white undies patterns

This selection of warm woollen turtleneck jumpers introduces our range of winter apparel. More to come soonish!
[hate this] turtleneck sweaters

I finally installed a subscribo-thingie in the store! It is located at the back wall behind the cookie box! Subscribe and you will get this great unisex hoodie jacket for free!

[hate this] hoodie - lil' tiger

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Not so new news

Ok, I admit I have been a bit lazy lately, but only regarding the blog updates! I am working on different things that will be released soon and I already released new stuffs earlier this week, including a versatile halloween dollarbie outfit for gals, that can be worn as undies, PJs or sportswear.

The other new release is a sculpted, slightly rugged looking army cap with bottlecaps, pins and piercings details. You can change the colours of cap and the bottlecaps individually, or just turn any details off if you prefer a plain cap.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Making Strides...

...against breast cancer. Wear pink in october '09 to help spread awareness about breast cancer. Learn about the event on the official blog by AlexandraM Guisse:
[hate this] contributes a fun shirt for guys (which looks good on gurls, too!). 100% of the price of L$50 will be donated to the American Cancer Society. You can find the vendor for the shirt in our mainstore.

Passion for Fashion

Some products of our [hate this] basics line were featured in yesterday's "Passion for Fashion" fashion show by JSE Modeling. I was there to enjoy the fabulous show and uploaded some of the photos I made to my flickr stream.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Southpaw Hunt

[hate this] proudly presents the Southpaw Hunt - a store wide treasure hunt going on from october 1st - october 15th. Hidden in the store are 12 pawprints on sale for only L$1 each! They contain 2 full outfits for men and women and a few extras.
The even numbers contain male items, the uneven numbers contain female items.

Cartunno Cay / Wicked Sin location closed!

Today I removed the vendors in the Cartunno Cay / Wicked Sin mall as the location did not seem to recieve any notice.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Hiya everyone!

[hate this] moved to a new mainstore location! Make sure to drop by and grab our new LM!

[hate this] NEW mainstore

Coming soon: store wide opening treasure hunt!

To celebrate our relocation, I installed 2 MM Boards and 2 Lucky Boards in the store, featuring 2 exclusive tanktops. I will add more items within the next few days and I promise I won't forget the guys!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Spooky newness - New spookiness

Hiya! The nights are getting longer and colder (at least in the northern hemispehre), Halloween is drawing nearer. For an early taste of spookiness, I have made a set of 4 silk boxers with bats, available in the store and vendors now! Oh, and there's also one pair of dollarbie boxers with pumpkins!

[hate this] basics - boxers bats

[hate this] basics - dollarbie boxers halloween

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

"Wear Grey"-Day

On the 18th of september, wear grey to show your support and help to raise awareness for brain cancer. I have made two FREE outfits, one for girls and one for guys. You can find both in the [hate this] mainstore.
Next to the outfits, I made a free candle, you can place somewhere in your homes or stores and share with your friends to "spread the light" about the event.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Due to LLs latest policy change I am forced to discontinue all of my movie- and game-related t-shirts and will remove them from all stores, vendors and XStreet SL on september 13th.
Until then I have marked them down to L$25 each, that's almost 1/2 of the original price. Go and grab them while you can!
I am working hard to fill the gaps until then!

-- Corvus

discontinued movie t-shirts:
- District 9
- G.I. Joe (3 different shirts)
- The Crow
- Tim Burton's 9

discontinued game t-shirts:
- The Witcher (2 different shirts)

More stuffs at the Car Wash Sale!

I made 3 new sets of colourful boxershorts, the aloha and margarita packs are a last hint of beachwear, hoping for a nice & warm indian summer. Usually that is the only kind of summer we get around here, before the season of "not so cold rain" makes way for the season of "cold rain".
The last set is made of soft plaid cloth in not too usual colours.
Each set is L$10 during the sale and exclusive to car wash until the sale is over. Later it will hit our stores for a higher price.

Something less pleasant

Our satellite store at the Echelon Mall was closed down by the mall owner without any comment or notice. I had some trouble to get at least out of him that the club was closing down and they were moving the store to a smaller place without any mall. While it is sad to learn that they had to close down, I am quite disappointed that they weren't even able to drop me a line.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Newness, exclusive to the Car Wash Labor Day Sale... for now

I've made some new stuffs! I wanted to create something outstanding,
something spectacular for the Labor Day Sale @ Car Wash!

A good friend suggested, I should make something for guys instead, so I ended up making a set of basic undies every guy can use! Included in the pack are 3 versions, one new & white, one worn & washed and one with blood stains! Tucked and untucked versions included on ALL layers. You get a total of 21 items for a bargain of L$10 only @ Car Wash!
I will put them on sale for a higher price in the store once the sale is over!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

[hate this] @ Car Wash - Labor Day Sale

[hate this] has a cart at The Washes Labor Day back to School Sale!
We're going to fill it up with a few goodies within the next days.
Read more in their blog:!

Saturday, 15 August 2009