Monday, 24 May 2010

+++ news flash +++ loads of new stuffs +++

I have to admit, I have been a bit lazy with blog updates recently... so here is a concise overview of our latest releases:

I am proud to announce the first products of our new "essentials" line - high quality lingerie, made with every-day use in mind. Versatile and sexy, yet comfortable it complements our successful "basics" line of male underwear.

[hate this] essentials - velvet

[hate this] essentials - vibrant

Great news for all nekos, kittens and furries are our brand-new oversized and soft paw boots. Available in three flavours for now: plain, maniac and the special suits edition for Midnight Mania (see below).

[hate this] paw boots - plain

[hate this] paw boots - maniac

We at [hate this] think back of May 6th as "The Day of Seamless Shit" for several reasons. These shirts do not only "honour" this day, but can be worn for many occasions, especiall when "meh." just does not seem to be enough.

[hate this] sleeveless hoodie - oh! FEMALE

[hate this] sleeveless hoodie - oh! MALE

A special edition of our fluffy paw boots is available exclusively through our Midnight Mania board, set at a low target of 50. Come on down and slap the board!

[hate this] Midnight Mania exclusive - paw boots - suits

Along with the Midnight Mania I also restocked our Lucky Boards with both classics and new items. A few former Midnight Mania boards are now available in the Lucky Boards due to popular demand, but I also added two all new and exclusive tattoo sets and a new male and female tanktop (not pictured here).

[hate this] Lucky Prize - tattoo - maneki neko BW

[hate this] Lucky Prize - tattoo - maneki neko COLOUR

Last but not least, you can still get the Dark Katz Hunt 2 prizes until June 10th for FREE in our store. Look for a black cat head! The hint is: "Look! I think I saw a mouse down here!"

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rebuilding Sale & New Releases

It may have seemed quiet around the secret [hate this] labs lately, but in truth we were working hard on a whole new building for our mainstore and some new releases.

While the dust is still settling, we have a SALE, including our NEW & LAST RELEASES!
Selected items in our mainstore have also been marked down to 10L!

So come on down and grab them while the offer lasts!

[hate this] sleeveless shirts - wave

[hate this] sleeveless shirts - skull